Flame - Chelle Bliss


By Chelle Bliss

  • Release Date: 2019-09-17
  • Genre: New Adult
Score: 4.5
From 184 Ratings


Could you love a man surrounded by danger?

Gigi Gallo’s childhood was filled with the roar of a motorcycle and the hum of a tattoo gun. Fresh out of college, she’s about to start working at her family’s tattoo studio — Inked. But when she shows up the first day, she never expects to run into someone tall, dark, and totally sexy from her not-so-innocent past.

Pike Moore is a bossy biker with a cocky attitude and an even bigger ego. He came to Inked to start over. New town. New job. New roots. None of that included coming face-to-face with the hot chick who spent a week in his bed before she vanished without a trace.

But when Pike’s dark family history catches up with him, can he stop Gigi from being caught in the crossfire?

Flame is book one in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. The Men of Inked: Heatwave series features steamy romance, hot heroes, and strong women.

What people are saying about FLAME

"I loved this book!!" -Corinne Michaels, NYT bestselling author

"This book will blow your mind." -Chelsea Camaron, USA Today bestselling author

"Fast-paced, twist, turns, and a whole lot of FLAME" -Kaylee Ryan, NYT bestselling author

"Blown away!" -Fiction Beer & Cupcakes

"I inhaled this engaging tale!" -Books & Bindings

"A fictional world that absolutely had me wanting more!" -Angel Payne

"Oh my. Just wow!" -My Timeout

"Holy cow!! What an absolutely awesome book" -Cat's Guilty Pleasure

"What a freaking amazing read." -Bookhaven Book Blog

"HOT. HOT. HOT." -Ruth Cardello, NYT bestselling author


  • Amazing

    By Krissy_1
    I absolutely loved this book! Gigi is a strong female and Pike is sexy as sin, what more could you ask for. This is a must read if you love the Gallos.
  • Excellent audiobook and hard copy

    By ledoss
    Well done audiobook, dual narrators, both are excellent. I started this book and thought “oh, this is just another of the same ol’ thing”. Let me also say I had to revise that thought. WOW! It is the same but not! Does that make sense? No? Well, pick up this book and enjoy. Gigi and Pike get the whole Gallo group involved in this roundhouse biker romp. There is the signature steam, romance and mystery. This does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but worth the read.
  • Terrific Gallo story in a new series!

    By gingin615
    Fabulous cover! 😍🔥I can't believe that Joey (City) and Suzy's little girl is all grown up! What a fantastic woman she is! Smart, sassy, beautiful, sexy and a baller buster just like her Aunt Izzy. Gigi is just what you would expect as the first born of her fabulous parents. She's got talent like her hunky Dad, the sweetness (sometimes) like her lovely Mom and the snarky comebacks just like her awesome Aunt. If you've read the first series with these outstanding characters you know what I'm talking about. And now Gigi's joining the family business as a tattooist after finishing college. And who shows up on her first day? Yep, the sexy stud biker (her gal pals nickname Flame cuz he's smoking hot) she spent a weekend with between the sheets during Spring Break a year ago. Sizzling chemistry and hot sex. Poor Pike! He thinks he finally has his dream job at Inked, the Gallos famous tattoo shop, until his first day turns into a challenge when he runs into the girl from his weekend sheet fest. Gigi's not exactly happy having her fling around her family and Pike just wants to keep his job. They try to stay away from each other but their chemistry is too hot. I loved Pike. He's a sexy hunk with a not so great family, lots of talent and a determination to get what he wants. He is yummy with his gorgeous eyes, his sweet southern manners and his way around a woman body especially Gigi's. Trying to hide their feelings from the family is challenging with protective Daddy and the Uncles. Just when things get on track danger appears from Pike's past and the Uncles jump in to fight the battles and keep everyone safe. Ends in a cliffhanger just when the heat gets going. Ugh! I'm ready for the next story. Chelle Bliss has given us another spectacular Gallo story that's wonderfully written with an incredible cast of characters and a dream couple in Gigi and Pike. I love catching up with the terrific Gallo family and friends. This is a terrific start to a new Gallo series with lots of fantastic secondary characters for future stories. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.
  • Gigi & Pike are amazing

    By Lisa Stinson
    Gigi and Pike...the title for this book is perfect for them. Gigi is Izzy 2.0 and I love her. These two were absolutely perfect for each other. I loved how Gigi didn’t let the craziness going on get to her. She might have been young but she knew what she wanted. Pike was just like all the other Inked men, very protective and willing to do anything to keep Gigi safe. He didn’t let the overbearing Gallo men get to him either. It was so fantastic to see all the characters from the Inked series back again and putting their two cents in whether it was wanted or not. I loved how Joe was with Gigi...she’s his baby girl after all. I can’t wait to get Burn. Definitely need to see how this turns out.
  • Loved

    By Racy Carr
    WOW, Chelle Bliss done it again. Not only have I read the ebook but I have listened to the audio as well. I think both narrators did an amazing job. But let me say that Jason Clarke’s voice has this deep dark sexy husky tone that makes your insides quiver. Oh my lands it can make you melt in your seat. Fanning myself here. I have always loved Gigi in the previous books. She like all Gallo women had this sassy attitude that I just love. She is a young woman now with a bright future a head of her. Does not help that her mother and father still see this little girl though. Pike was the sexy tat guy that road a bike and had seen a lot of things. A bet the did not think that the girl he took back to his room with him would turn his world upside down. He could not help but fall in love with her spit fire attitude and he could not get her out of his head. I almost laughed the way Gigi and Pike met up again. Both were surprised and to top if off he would learn how protective her family really was. This will go south pretty quick and Pike and Gigi will find danger at their door. Pike will really get to see what a family is all about. Love the chemistry that was between these two. Things will get hot and heavy and I love how much Gigi keeps Pike on his toes. My heart truly broke for Pike. When the story of his past started unfolding I heart broke more and more for him. He truly had a sad childhood. Thank god for his grandmother. This was a great story though the ending did have me screaming at the author the words “REALLY!”. I am thinking she needs to get busy writing the next book..LOL
  • Felt like coming home all over again

    By JoAnna8185
    This book!!!! 😍😍😍 It’s always amazing coming back home to the Gallos & this new generation is sure to be EPIC. This story keeps you turning the pages, leaves you in a bit of “oh no and what the heck!” But in the absolute best way! Pike and Gigi have chemistry just like City and Susie did and lemme tell you it’s off the charts fire!!! I can’t wait for the next book! Like omg!!!! 5 stars! I’d give 10 if I could 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥
  • The Hottest Flame

    By beckera_ann
    My excitement for this book is indescribable. If you’ve read the original Men of Inked series, you know Gigi is the daughter of City (Joe) and Suzy Gallo from Throttle Me. After sneaking off to Daytona, Gigi meets Pike, who takes her to his hotel room from the bar. They spend a week together, mostly between the sheet, before Gigi disappears. They meet up again in the most happenstance of ways, and things only get better from there. If you think Joe was protective before, wait until you see his baby girl all grown up and dating! To only give Gigi and Pike’s story five stars is an injustice! But alas, that’s as high as I can go.. Flame is a definite 10 star read, and obviously on my top favorite reads of this year.
  • “I could spend more than one night staring into her big blue eyes.”

    By Romance213
    The first book I ever read by Chelle Bliss was “Throttle Me.” I fell in love with City and Suzy, and it has always been one of my favorites. I was ecstatic to learn that she was writing a new series, with the first book featuring their daughter, Gigi. I read “Flame” during a long car ride and I am glad I was able to devote all of my time to this masterpiece. Gigi’s feistiness reminded me of Suzy and Pike is a carbon copy of City. Gigi was determined to meet Pike when she first saw him and she had no qualms about walking right up to him and letting him know she was interested. I was drawn into the curiosity they had for each other and I applauded Pike’s restraint when it came to taking his time get Gigi. The intensity of their connection never lessened and when they were reunited, it was like they had never been apart. The Gallo family and the bond they have with each other is one of the reasons I love this series so much. To them, family is everything, and you always have someone to protect you, listen to you and a place to call home. Pike found this with Gigi, and it was magical, deeply personal and life changing. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Pike and Gigi in “Burn”, part two of their love story.
  • All sorts of awesomeness going on!!!

    By Rinsky13
    Oh my goodness, I can’t even express how much I loved this book!! Always love a book with the Gallos in it (I mean, how can you not), but this was extra with Gigi (City & Suzy’s oldest daughter) being grown up makes it even more special. Gigi is such a spitfire, filled with sass & attitude, beauty & talent. When we first meet her, she’s being a bit of a rebel, being somewhere she shouldn’t be. And meeting a luscious biker named Pike. After a very hot, sexy & memorable week, they part ways. Jump to 15 months later, and two new artists are starting at Inked. Can you guess who? Gigi,,,and Pike. An interesting, and to them, shocking, turn of events. And here is where I’m gonna leave you to find the rest out on your own, because lots of things happen & I won’t ruin it for you. But I will say there’s lots of heat, there’s lots of action, there’s laughs, and stress. This book has it all. Completely loved it!!! And cannot wait for the next one!!!
  • Thank you

    By Misia Maria
    Thank you for including Gigi in a book. I always love when author’s make kid characters grow up and include a story about them.